Halloween’s origins can be traced back to an ancient Gaelic/Celtic festival known as ‘Samhain’. This widely popular festival was a richly diverse celebration firmly rooted in ideas relevant since time immemorial. While Samhain certainly overlaps with Halloween, most evidently in it’s timing and themes of honoring ancestors who have passed on, Samhain focuses on additional essences of Thanksgiving and release. Summer’s abundance now harvested, preparations being made for the coming of winter, the letting go of that which has passed away or no longer serves – conscious observance of one season’s end and another’s beginning, the eternal balance between feast and famine. Now shorter, colder days bring the growing season to a close so that life may rest, both internally and externally— as we, like seeds, begin to rest beneath blankets of cool earth, preparing for the new birth which will come with the Spring.

We cordially invite you and yours to join us at our families’ farm, Historic Bon Aire, Sunday, October 30th, in Nelson County, to celebrate the arrival of the winter season with our family of friends!

Please RSVP to adrienne@backyardrevolution.com or 434.249.8069
by October 29th, to receive directions!

Activities include

  • Food from our fields will go to the fire of our original basement brick kitchen. Gathering at noon, for warmth and conversation, we will observe the preparations of an early 19th century meal, including delectable delights from our farm and surrounds, such as, leg of lamb, pumpkin pie, garden greens and freshly baked breads.
  • Farm Crafts – Many skills-oriented family projects will also be available to participate in, including, bobbing for apples, creating time honored take home treasures, processing wool, working with beeswax, learning about Early American tools, working with black walnut, gourd carving, and more!
  • Antiques and Farm Goods – Antique aficionados and hungry travelers alike will enjoy the opportunity to shop for farm goods, antiques and holiday treasures in our Bon Aire Cottage.
  • PUPPY PETTING – Our GREAT PYRENEES PUPPIES are 6 weeks old! There will be 9 pups here to simply pet, or to choose a life long companion from.
  • Enjoy walks about our family’s farm, learn about the wild edibles and medicinal plants available in the fall, meet our heritage breed animals, visit our vegetable and herb gardens!
  • Prayer Circle and Bonfire – Our day together will close with a circle and Bonfire!
***No entrance fee for guests putting down a deposit on one of our Great Pyrenees Puppies!
Please contact us for details. Thank you!


We thank you – may Autumn’s bountiful blessings surround you and yours!