Overview of topics: Braintanning, Archery I & II, Botanical Dying, Wheat Dolls, Soil Deep Beauty, Whittling/Country Woodworking, Preserving Our Cultural Heritage, Rag Rugs, Windsor Chair Construction, Honeysuckle Baskets. Animal Trapping

9:00 – BRAINTANNING – Making Buckskin from Hide, with Traditionalist Hugh Gildea

9:30 – ARCHERY I – Master Archer, Olin Bare teaches Building Arrows Without Jigs

10:00 BOTANICAL DYING – Capturing Nature’s Palate with Botanical Artist, Janet Kerig

10:30 WHEAT DOLLS – Weave Your Own Grain Girl, with Janet Kerig

11:00 SOIL DEEP BEAUTY – Planting Your Beauty Apothecary with Brigit Organic’s Creator, Brigitte Rau

11:30. ARCHERY II – Flemish String Making with Olin Bare

Noon WHITTLING/COUNTRY WOODWORKING – Traditionalist David Montague shares tips for novices and experts

12:30 PRESERVING OUR CULTURAL HERITAGE – Lynn Coffee, author of BACKWOODS newspaper & book series discusses her 20+ years of experience documenting & preserving traditional Appalachian Culture.

1:00 RAG RUGS – Watch and Weave with Bettie Sue Massie

1:30 WINDSOR CHAIR CONSTRUCTION – 18th Century design & craftsmanship, come learn the how, why, when, & what of Windsor, led by Craftsman Purl, of Twin Oaks

2:00 FIELD TO FROCK- From raising sheep to spinning wool with Farmer/Weaver, Kimberly Radcliffe

2:30 HONEYSUCKLE BASKETS – Crafting Delicate Vines with Bettie Sue Massie

3:00 ANIMAL TRAPPING for the 21st Century – Steve Colvin, of Virginia Trapper’s

Association tells of olde world trapping techniques, and their evolution