9:00 BIRD SENSE – Identifying Bird Nests and nurturing Avarian Habitat, with Christine Putnam

9:30 – WHAT’S THAT I ‘EAR? – Listening to and learning from Nature, with Lyt Wood

10:00. DRAGONFLIES AND DAMSELS – Lyt Wood introduces our flying friends

10:30 WHITTLING FOR SMALL HANDS – David Montague guides beginners of all ages

11:00 NATURALIST SCAVENGER HUNT – Join our Naturalist Scavenger Hunt and you

can win a Jefferson (the Natural Naturalist) inspired prize! Led by the Rivanna Master Naturalists

11:30 Scavenger Hunt Continued. Led by Rivanna Master Naturalists

12:00 TABLE MANNERS in EARLY AMERICA – bring your lunch and dine with us as we explore mealtime etiquette throughout the centuries with BYR Founder, Adrienne Young-Ramsey

12:30 WILDCRAFTING FOR KIDS – Follow Phoebe Haupt as she leads this fun and informative medicinal & edible plant identification walk

1:00 STITCHES & PINS – Join this interactive Basic Sewing Techniques demonstration

led by Cultural Historian, Francis Joseph

1:30 KEEPING IT CLEAN – Laundry and Hygiene in Early America with Francis Joseph

2:00 BLENDING SWEET INFUSIONS – Dianne Bearinger shows you how to create your own teas, honeys and elixirs

2:30 TEATIME- The Treasured Art Of Taking Tea, with Culinary Historian, Rachel Deddens

3:00  ORIENTEERING РFollow Master Horseback Orienteer, Olin Bare from point A to point B, using map and compass to find your way