9:00 HISTORIC RECEIPTS of FOUNDING FAMILIES – Meals that launched a Revolution, with Culinary Historian & Author, Rachel Deddens

9:30 FOOD SECURITY – How Early Americans (Indigenous, Colonial & African) planned, planted, & preserved food supply, with Culinary Historian, Rachel Deddens

10:00 WOODLAND REMEDIES – Building Your Family’s Vitality Naturally with Adrienne Young-Ramsey

10:30 CORDIALS & ELIXIRS with Herbalist & Waldorf Teacher Dianne Bearinger

11:00 HEALTHY FAMILIES, HEALTHY PLANET – Waldorf Teacher & Herbalist Dianne Bearinger offers tips on earth friendly foods that nurture family & budget

11:30 VINEGAR MAKING with VA Vinegar Works

Noon WATER BATH CANNING with Sherri Smith

12:30 PRESSURE COOKER CANNING with Sherri Smith

1:00 EDIBLE BEAUTY – DIY Edible Beauty Formulas, with Brigitte Rau

1:30 BUTTERMAKING – Then and Now, with Rachel Deddens

2:00 VINEGAR MAKING with VA Vinegar Works

2:30 EASY FERMENTATION – Dawn Story teaches basics of this ancient method of food preservation