A good day to each of you, dear Friends. We here at Backyard Revolution are heartily glad to be sharing what, for us, is rousing news! Since the inception of Backyard Revolution, in 2008, we have endeavored to share the practical skills and root wisdom of our forebears, through various mediums and historic locations. We have offered programs at Monticello, Stratford Hall, Floyd Fest, Lockn Festival, Farmer’s Markets, Public Libraries, Historical Societies, Radio Shows, and more. As such efforts require great facilitation, we have decided to make our home base, Bon Aire, the primary location for our Historic Skills Classes. We are located in Nelson County, Virginia, and are a working family farm listed on the National Historic Registry, circa. 1798. We are wholly committed to sustainable, non-GMO farming practices and nurture passionate reverence for both our acreage and all of the beings thriving upon it.

We would like to invite you to our farm to engage with us on on Thursday, September 22nd, the date of the Autumnal Equinox, 2016.
Please read on if your interest has been perked…

Our ancestors were intimately connected within a world where the changing of the seasons brought a whole host of duties, dishes and rituals specific to the natural occasion. You are invited to experience the turning of this traditional Wheel of the Year, as it unfolds at Bon Aire, from season to season. Blending time-honored wisdom and ritual with historic practical skills we can utilize in our modern age, we offer you and yours a chance to depart from the everyday and enjoy a change of scenery, as well as, a change of heart.

In centuries past, neighbors and families gathered on the Autumnal Equinox to celebrate and offer thanks for the blessing of bountiful harvests.Our premiere event will be held on Thursday, September 22nd, the date of the Autumnal Equinox, 2016. We feel it vitally important to come together on the actual day, at the actual time when day and night, light and darkness are precisely balanced on our planet. We will honor the tremendous energy available at this precise moment, 10:21am, in a circle of prayer and thanksgiving. Subsequently, our activities will offer multiple opportunities to engage in hands-on instruction with expert Artisans and Traditionalists.

  • Botanical Dyeing – Creating a pallet of dyeable colors using materials found in nature.
  • Arrowsmithing – Fletching your own arrows and weaving your own bow string without the use of modern jigs.
  • Historic Cricket – Learn about the history of cricket in Early America and play an actual game with authentic equipment we will provide.

In addition, we hope you will enjoy a walkabout around the farm with it’s picturesque views, our organic vegetable and herb gardens and heritage breed animals. The lower level of our historic home, which began construction in 1798, will also be open and alive with delicious excitement as we demonstrate Early Culinary Arts, also known as Open-Hearth Cooking, in our original Brick Basement Kitchen.

Homeschooling or family groups please email for rates. Homeschoolers are invited to arrive at 9am. Activities are scheduled from 9:30 to noon. This will include demonstrations of archery and open hearth cooking, a cricket game and lunch.

Gates open for all other attendees at 12:30pm, with activities (including workshops, archery demonstration and live cricket match) from 1 to 5:30pm.
Dinner will be served at 6pm and gates close at 8pm.

Fee per person $50.00.
Family/group rate (4 or more persons) receive 10% off per person.

To reserve your space for this unique experience on September 22, please email Adrienne at adrienne@backyardrevolution.com