Backyard Revolution Programs and Events 2014

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September 4-7, LOCKN’ FESTIVAL, Oakridge Estate, Nelson County, Virginia

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! We are grateful to be in jubilant preparation for the LOCKN’ Festival. We’ll be providing historically-inspired, consciousness-raising skills-sharing opportunities, as well as music, both in our camp and on the stage of the Triangle area. Look for our Traveling Log Cabin with split rail fence and folks in Revolutionary Breetches and Bonnets. Children 12 and under are FREE with paid adult!!! With thanks and blessings, we hope to see you there!


September 12th, 3-4pm Adrienne Young-Ramsey hosts ‘GET YOUR LARDON’, Heritage Harvest Festival – Monticello, in Charlottesville, Virginia

Backyard Revolution Presents Adrienne Young-Ramsey: Adrienne revisits French and Early American culinary traditions. Explore the nutritional benefits and generous gifts of pork fat, discussing the various types of fat obtained from a butchered pig, as well as some of their possible uses and treatments. We will review the once familiar process of rendering fat and share delicious recipes, focusing on the use of pork fat in modern day food preparation. $15


September 12th, 1:30-2:30 BYR presents ‘Small scale CHEESEMAKING in the home kitchen’ with ANNE BUTEAU, Heritage Harvest Festival – Monticello, Charlottesville, VA

Backyard Revolution presents Anne Buteau for this do-it-yourself introduction to the art and science of cheese-making and other fermented dairy products. Making cheese at home is economical, allows you to use the best quality, most local dairy products available, and for many types of cheese is quick and easy. Anne will share recipes appropriate to the home kitchen and will demonstrate a variety of cheese-making techniques. $15


September 12th, 1-2pm, BYR presents ‘FUN WITh FERMENTED VEGGIES’ with DAWN STORY, Heritage Harvest Festival – Monticello, Charlottesville, VA

Backyard Revolution presents Dawn Story of Farmstead Ferments. Learn how easy it is to transform fresh vegetables into zesty and delicious sauerkraut, kimchi, and pickles using the centuries-old technique of lacto-fermentation. Discover how bringing the art of fermentation into the home can improve your family’s health and well-being and preserve your garden bounty well after the harvest. A sampling of Farmstead Ferments sauerkrauts, kraut juices, and water-kefir sodas will take place to inspire your own creations. $15


September 13th, 8-6pm BACKYARD REVOLUTION at HERITAGE HARVEST FESTIVAL Monticello, Charlottesville, VA

Backyard Revolution’s 6th year at HHF will be filled with fabulous skills sharing for families and children, of all ages!  In addition to our classic cadre, this year’s festival will grant opportunities for many fresh inspiring introductions, as well as, opportunities to reconnect with familiar favorites. for tickets and information


Saturday, September 27th – Louisa County Historical Society Presents, ‘Early American Tools; construction and repair’.

Please join this engaging hands-on conversation that will examine how tools and their upkeep influenced day to day activities of Farm, Family and Field. 10am – noon.

 October 5th, 1pm WATERFORD FAIR, Waterford, Virginia

Waterford was founded about 1733 by Amos Janney, a Quaker from Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Other Quakers followed him there. Mills were built along Catoctin Creek. The village grew until it was the second largest town in Loudoun County (this was before the Civil War). Many buildings still in use in the village were built before 1840. Visiting Waterford truly provides us a window to yesteryear. While BYR certainly shares in the mission of the Waterford Foundation, it is our own Adrienne Young-Ramsey representing at this year’s fair. Three days of artisans, music, food and history, Adrienne will be performing on Sunday. October 5th, 1pm. Visit for tickets. Come and join this Living History celebration!!


Saturday, October 11th – Louisa County Historical Society Presents, ‘Archery and Arrowsmithing’.

This workshop aims to send you home with a hand fletched Arrow, in addition to, an awareness of how the skill development of archery can serve to develop technique, cooordination, character, and true focus. 10am – 1pm. Materials fee $13


Saturday, November 15th – Louisa County Historical Society Presents ‘Braintanning, A Method to soften hides into Buckskin’.

Join us to watch a demonstration of this once vital skill as hearty animal hides were transformed into luxuriously strong and supple buckskin. 10 – 1pm.


Saturday, December 6th – Louisa County Historical Society Presents ‘Traditions and Yuletide Lore of Colonial Christmas’ Past’.